Our Program


Entrance Exam

All students seeking admission to Wings must take a standardized entrance exam. While it is only one of several factors that we take into account in our admissions decision, it is critical to the personalized aspect of our program that we have a good grasp of each student’s English level and familiarity with standardized tests.


Please refer to the Entrance Exam Dates below to register for an upcoming in-person exam (not available in all countries).

High School Records

We place considerable emphasis on each student’s high school curriculum and his or her demonstrated success in each course. Wings does not have a minimum GPA requirement and we are open to considering a wide range of grades, yet students with a GPA below 3.0 should reflect strong qualifications in their entrance exam and/or interview.


The interview is an essential part of our admissions process, as it gives us the opportunity to get to know students — their interests, thoughts, and ambitions — and to realize why they would be a good fit for Wings, and Wings a good fit for them (both are equally important). As part of the interview, we encourage students to ask their own questions as well.

Entrance Exam Dates

Register for one of our upcoming admissions exams.


Year-long Program

Wings College Prep offers a comprehensive, individualized English enrichment program, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Our aim is to prepare and enable students to be completely proficient in the English language and able to communicate at a college level in all settings, both academic and non-academic.


  • Reading comprehension in various genres (academic, classical, and contemporary).
  • College writing and editing (analytical essays, personal narratives, current issues papers, synthesis essays, open topic essays, and research papers).
  • Oral communication.
  • Vocabulary learning and application.

The Mathematics comprehensive program offers individualized instruction based on the student’s level as seen on the entrance exam. Our goal is to provide students with a strong base in high school mathematics — Algebra I, Geometry, Statistics & Probability, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus.

Summer/Winter Intensive Program

The Summer/Winter Intensive Program lasts 10 weeks and is designed for students who have already taken a standard-level course in a particular subject in high school and are looking to supplement it with the equivalent of an advanced-level course. Most students view these courses as preparation for specific SAT Subject Tests, which they typically take within one month of having completed the course. For this reason, the courses offered each year vary based on the interests and needs of our current students.


The courses offered as part of this program include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, World History, Algebra II & Trigonometry, and English Literature.


This is an intensive course that covers information equivalent to an American high school Honors Biology class. Students develop scientific inquiry skills and an understanding of the fundamental principles of living organisms. The course covers the following topics: Organic Chemistry for Biology, Cell Structure, Cellular Respiration, Transcription & Translation, Mitosis, Meiosis, Genetics, Evolution, Organ Systems, Plants, Behavior, Microorganisms, and Ecology.


This course is designed to cover advanced topics that are not commonly part of the standard high school chemistry course. The class moves quickly through the foundations of chemistry and covers topics such as stoichiometry, colligative properties, thermochemistry, kinetic theory, and nuclear chemistry in detail. After successful completion of the course, which requires daily problem sets and a weekly test, students will have a strong understanding of topics covered in a first-semester college chemistry course.

World History

This course takes on an intensive and comprehensive approach to World History. It begins with prehistory, moves through the era of the great empires such as Persia and Rome, crosses the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and finally delves into the modern era. Students learn about historical events, iconic figures, and the great inventions that helped shape our world today.


This course is meant to prepare students with a high level of interest and ability in science for a first-year college physics course. It covers classical mechanics (such as kinematics, dynamics, momentum, energy, and conservation laws), electricity and magnetism, and modern physics. Emphasis is on proof-based conceptual understanding, and evaluations are based on problem-solving applications.

Algebra II & Trigonometry

This course covers linear functions and equations, quadratic and polynomial equations with real and complex solutions, exponential and logarithmic equations and functions, transformations, rational expressions, systems of equations, matrices, probability with permutations and combinations, sequences and series, conics, and trigonometry through advanced trigonometric identities.

Standardized Test Preparation

Our ultimate goal at Wings is to prepare students to be admitted into top colleges and universities in the United States; therefore, standardized tests are an essential part of our program. We offer individualized SAT, SAT Subject Test, ACT, and TOEFL preparation. Our teachers have extensive experience preparing students to excel at these kinds of tests.

Community Service & Internships

Leadership and community involvement by our students requires that they have a clear understanding of the social issues and needs present in their countries. We seek students with initiative and entrepreneurial spirits who are willing to not only come up with projects and innovative solutions but also execute them. With the purpose of helping each student get a deeper sense of his or her nation’s social, economic, and political contexts, we developed a program called RISE (“Redefining and Inspiring Student Engagement”) through which we partner with local NGOs and corporations to facilitate internship and volunteering opportunities.

Corporations and NGOs

Some of the companies and organizations our students have worked with: